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Reminder Service

This is a great service for anyone who may need reminding to take any kind of medication at home. The service can be used by individuals or their loved ones, helping to ensure that appointments, medications, and check-ups are not missed. It is a useful reminder for anyone who has a chronic or ongoing medical condition where the patient needs help to manage their medication(s) on a regular basis.

Quality Assurance

Medication Call is a leading provider of medication call reminder solutions. With a high percentage of patients forgetting to take their medication, this app is the solution. The most important thing, for Medication Call, has always been safety. Our goal is to help ensure that no one takes the wrong medication at the wrong time. With our real-time reporting capability, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are taking their medications.

Senior Support

Make It Easy For Caregivers. Make It Easy For Seniors. Ensure that a senior will never forget their prescribed medication on time. Medication Call Reminder is an award-winning reminder service that facilitates consistent, daily phone calls to seniors to confirm that they have taken their medication on time.

Caregiver Notification

As a family member or caregiver staying informed of when your loved one takes their medication is very important.  If your loved one does not respond to the initial medication call, the service can notify you by SMS text message or phone call of their response.  This way you can monitor and intervene, if necessary, to increase medication compliance.  Monthly reporting of the call outcomes can be shared with a health care provider.

Convenient Scheduling

Schedule medication call reminders for your loved ones through our easy online system. There’s no equipment to install and no additional setup required. Just enter the senior’s phone number and the times you want him or her to receive a medication call reminder. You can schedule one call or as many as five calls night or day within any 24 hour period.

Personalize Greeting

Medication Call Reminder uses caregiver’s voices to deliver personalized medication reminders. The caregiver is not bound by a script. The caregiver can use his or her voice to deliver a message that is meaningful to the recipient. The caregiver’s voice becomes part of the healing process.

Affordable Pricing

Our medication call reminder service is the perfect solution to check-up on your loved ones who are taking medications. By setting up a simple monthly subscription you pay once to have us call each month according to your desired schedule. If your senior isn’t taking their medications as prescribed you will be informed so you can address the issue to ensure they are having their medicine as needed. Your monthly subscription can begin with a 14 Day Free Trial.