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Medicine Reminder Service

Medication Call Reminder delivers automated messages in the caregiver’s voice that help loved ones stay on track with meds which results in healthier outcomes for patients and reduced stress for caregivers.

Quality Assurance

Our automated service ensures a patient’s needs are targeted and fulfilled no matter their age.  The reliability of this technology guarantees exceptional support to ensure that the calls will always be made on time and to the right number.  The quality of the calls is monitored by Activity Reports that specify when calls are received, acknowledged by the End User, and that notifications are sent to designated caregivers.

Senior Support

This service alleviates the anxiety and frustration many elderly citizens feel when they are living alone and trying to follow complicated medication schedules.  Consistent, daily phone calls deliver the support needed to remember to take medication appropriately and on time. Ensuring that a senior will never forget their prescribed medication on time.

Check for Home Safety is an additional outreach service available to support seniors and/or caregivers.  Support is always there!

Caregiver Notification

As a family member or caregiver staying informed of when your loved one takes their medication is very important.  Our service can notify you by SMS text message or phone call of their response to the reminder call.  This way you can monitor and intervene, if necessary, to increase medication compliance.  Monthly reporting of the call outcomes is available and can be shared with a health care provider.

Convenient Scheduling

Family members and caregivers can schedule calls through our easy online system. Simply enter the senior’s phone number and the times when you want him or her to receive a medication call reminder. You can schedule one call or as many as five calls night or day within any 24 hour period. Pricing packages range according to the number of calls scheduled.

Personalize Greeting

When you set up your account, you will be able to note the specific times and specific medications to be included in each reminder call.  You will also be able to customize the medication call reminder message with a familiar and supportive voice greeting.  Remember calls will begin 24 hours after the set-up is completed.

Affordable Pricing

Payment for the service is made in advance of every month. Once payment is received the calls will take place according to your desired schedule.  Your monthly subscription can begin with a 14 Day Free Trial.   


Features and Benefits


Convenient Scheduling

Patients can simply schedule times to have calls come in.

Caregiver Notification

Direcct connects a patient to designated resource for assistance i.e. family member, formal caregiver, healthcare provider.

Prescription Refill

Schedule a prescription refill reminder for 30, 60 or 90 days.


Reminder History

Monitor and track the status of a reminder call activity.

Personalize Recording

This is where a family caregiver can personalize and record a reminder message for the End User.

Check for Home Safety

Add-on Feature – Daily calls to an elderly loved one checking to see if they are all right or in need of assistance offers reassurance and peace of mind.